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work out 解决;算出;实现;制定出;消耗完;弄懂;锻炼 具体用法: 后面+sth.表示解决某问题或者计算出数值 后面+at 价格,表示总值多少 不及物动词,表示进展顺利 不及物动词,表示锻炼身体 例句: Negotiators are due to meet later today ...

things work out the way they're meant to 事情的工作方式,他们的意思是

make one‘s way让步;成功/前进,前往,行进 Fall in one's way 被……得到;让遇到;为……力所能及 force one's way. 挤冲出一条路 go one's way 行走;继续 be on one's way 上路;离开 set in one's ways 死心眼, 脾气固执 beat one's way [美俚...




13. On her way to work that morning, the car___ on the icy roads. ...19. I ___ to go out of the classroom by mymath teacher. A. make B...

you can't talk yourself out of loneliness, it doesn't work that way 你不能只说自己应该从孤独中走出来,这样的方法根本就行不通

27. I am ___ to getout of bed on cold morning.A、reluctanceB、reluctant...29. He did the work ina more ___ way and save a lot of time.A、...

D 试题分析:根据题干,本句的意思是“通过这种方式,我们能算出这道数学题。”by the way是“顺便问,顺便说”的意思;on one’s way 表示“在去某处的路上”,in this way表示“用这种方式”。所以本题选D。点评:way前面的介词不同,意思就不一样,所...

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