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"on the fly" 的一般意义: 1、正在飞;例:The bird is on the fly. 2、正在搭飞机;意同 on the flight 3、很赶时间;意同 catch as catch can、in a hurry 在计算机科学中常见意思为: 1、动态产生或发生的;例:There are several technique...

电机speed catching on the fly意思:转动的速度 词汇解释: speed 英 [spi:d] 美 [spid] n.速度;快速;昌盛;(汽车的)变速器,排挡 vt.& vi.急行,加速 vi.加速;超速;迅速前行;兴隆 vt.加快…的速度;使成功,使繁荣 例句:Speed is the essentia...


on the fly [英][ɔn ðə flai][美][ɑn ði flai] 在飞行[行驶]中; 匆忙地,在百忙中; 例句: 1. They can make up pricing on the fly if necessary. 如果有必要,他们可以在买卖过程中确定定价。 2. Its chief innovation is ...

fly-on-the-wall [英][f'laɪ'ənðəw'ɔ:l][美][f'laɪ'ənðəw'ɔ:l] adj.(纪录片)纪实性的,写实的; 例句: 1. You said this was fly-on-the-wall, not spy-in-the-cupboard. 你说这是有意还是...

on the fly while in motion or progress producers were able to schedule the day's Olympic coverage on the fly 来自牛津词典 中文就是“正在进行当中""正在飞行当中"和 "匆忙之中"

does not support changing store`on the fly 不支持更改“飞”的存储 does not support changing store`on the fly 不支持更改“飞”的存储

你好! On-the-Fly 动态

在飞行[行驶]中;匆忙地,在百忙中 1. The bird caught a bug on the fly. 那鸟在飞行中捉住了一只昆虫。 来自《简明英汉词典》 2. We had so little time to catch the train that we had to eat our lunch on the fly. 我们离上火车的时间不多...

fly on the wall 基本翻译 n. 未察觉的观察者 网络释义 fly-on-the-wall:墙上飞翔 A fly on the wall:不易察觉的人,偷听讲话的人 To be a fly on the wall:偷听别人讲话

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