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make own decision 作出自己的决定 But can't you respect me enough to Iet me make my own decision? 那你能充分尊重我,让我自己作出决定吗?

make one's own decision做出自己的决定,不加s,如果是做出多个决定,就要加s


是这篇英文么?? Many teenagers have hobbies. But sometimes these hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork, and parents might worry about their child's success at school. Teenagers often think they should be allowed to practice...

make their own decisions 做出自己的决定 双语对照 例句: 1. We wanted them to make their own decisions about their careers. 我们希望他们自己决定职业发展方向,如果他们想进入家族企业,我们非常欢迎,前提是他们要遵守我们上世纪80年代...

你好! Make you own planl 做你自己的计划

should i be allowed to make my own decisions 我应该被允许做我自己的决定吗?

Make it your own Make it your own :你自己制作它 make it on your own :自立 You make your own IT :你自己制作它

make a style of one's own 创立自己的文风;创立自己的风格 make a style 做造型;做样式 of one's own 某人自己的 例句 1.The burden of one's own choice is not felt. 愿挑的担子不嫌重。 2.One mustn't consider whether or not it pays si...

运气自己把握。 直译点 就是 自己的运气自己造...

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